Sunday, April 19, 2015

For Sale: Perry ECW Musketeers, Dragoons and Cuirassiers

These figures were bought for our Eighty Years War project, but that was cut short by Oleg's untimely death. Without him, I have no reason nor inclination to continue the project so I am offering these figures for sale. I was going to put them e bay but I am posting them here first in case any one has an interest in them. The figures are in good condition, unpainted and entirely untouched. The price on Perry's site for the figures would be £164 not including P&P. But I am only asking £100 (€138) +P&P.

Included are:
ECW2 Foot command (6 figures)
ECW4 Armoured Pike, with tassets (24 figures)
ECW6 Unarmoured Pike, half helmeted (24 figures)
ECW8 Musketeers firing (18 figures)
ECW9 Musketeers loading (6 figures)
ECW11 Dragoons/Forlorn Hope skirmishing (12 figures)
ECW13 Demi-Culverin (9 pounder gun) with crew (2 cannon + 8 figures)
ECW 15 Cuirassier Command (3 mounted figures)
ECW16 Cuirassiers with swords drawn (9 mounted figures)
ECW 26 Mounted Dragoons (6 mounted figures)


MurdocK said...

How much for just the Dragoons and skirmishing Dragoons?

moif said...

How old is this comment? - I didn't receive any notification of it and the time stamp only shows the time of day.

moif said...

In answer to the question, I do not want to break up the set just yet as I'm hoping to sell them on ebay where they are currently listed for sale as an army.