moif's wargaming resources

Iron Age & Medieval

The Green Conroi.
Sir Roger, in chainmail (mounted & dismounted)
10 x Norman cavalry in chainmail 
Norman standard bearer in chainmail >
Norman sergeant-at-arms in chainmail >
20 x Armoured spearmen in chainmail >

The Blue Conroi
Sir William, in chainmail (mounted & dismounted)
10 x Norman cavalry in chainmail  
Norman standard bearer in chainmail >
Norman sergeant-at-arms in chainmail >
20 x Armoured Norman spearmen in chainmail >
10 x Armoured Norman spearmen in quilted leather

The Red Guards
Sir Guy,  in chainmail (mounted & dismounted)
Norman sergeant-at-arms in scalemail >
12 x Armoured Norman spearmen in scalemail >
10 x Norman cavalry in scalemail

Norman Auxiliaries
Sir Odo in quilted leather (mounted & dismounted)
Norman character in chainmail with sword
20 x Norman skirmishers in quilted leather >
4 x Armoured arbalestiers in blue
7 x Unarmoured arbalestiers in blue
Armoured arbalestier in green
3 x Unarmoured arbalestiers in green.
11 x Armoured Norman spearmen (only painted black)

The Northern Warband
Arnulf, commander in chainmail with blue cloak >
2 x Armoured Saxon warriors in chainmail with swords >
4 x Armoured Saxon warriors in chainmail with spears >
2 x Unarmoured Saxon warriors with swords >

The Western Warband
Ordric, commander in chainmail with red cloak
2 x Armoured Saxon warriorss in chainmail with swords >
6 x Armoured Saxon warriorss in chainmail with spears >
2 x Unarmoured Saxon warriors with swords >

The Eastern Warband
Beornwulf, commander in chainmail with brown cloak
Friar Tuck (monk with shield and sword)
7 x Armoured Saxon warriors with swords >
10 x Unamoured Saxon warriors with spears >
4 x Unarmoured Saxon warriors with swords >

Bandits and outlaws
Oleg, armoured hero with axe
Brian, Unarmoured Celtic chieftain (mounted & dismounted)
14 x Unarmoured archers in green (includes Robin Hood figure) >
12 x Unarmoured archers in brown.
8 x Unarmoured slingers in green
8 x Unarmoured slingers in brown
7 x Ulfednir
Saxon warrior hero (mounted & dismounted)
2 x Horn blowers
Additional armoured warrior (no heraldry)

The Black Knight, in chainmail with axe (mounted & dismounted)
Don Rodrigo de la Sepia, in chainmail with lance (mounted & dismounted)
Sir Stefan the Swede, in chainmail with sword (mounted & dismounted)
Sir Reginal de Lacy, in chainmail with sword (mounted & dismounted)
Sir Wilhelm de Saxonia, in chainmail with sword (mounted & dismounted)
Sir Tomas the Just, in chainmail with sword (mounted & dismounted) >

Commander, in chainmail with sword raised >
3 x Horse-archers, armoured >
5 x Horse-archers, unarmoured >
3 x Female horse-archers, unarmoured >

Teutonic Order 
Lothar von Schöenberg, in chainmail with sword (mounted & dismounted)
Teutonic knight in chainmail with sword (mounted)
2 x Halbebruder  in chainmail with sword (mounted)
standard bearers in chainmail with sword (mounted)
Trumpeteer in chainmail with sword (mounted)
16 x Cavalry in quilted armour
4 x Sergeant-at-arms in quilted armour with swords.
12 x Spearmen in quilted armour >
12 x Arbalestiers in quilted armour >

Civilians and animals
Travelling bard (mounted & dismounted)  >
4 x Merchants
4 x Clergy
8 x Wives
5 x Servant women
3 x Town's women
3 x Drinking partners
3 x Villagers
4 x Peasant farmers
9 x Urchins (7 boys & 2 girls)
5 x Hounds
4 x Cattle
6 x Sheep 
5 x Swine

(The horses shown are seperate elements, but there are enough horses and oxen to go with each model as shown)
Medium wagon carrying military supplies
Medium wagon carrying water (detachable)
Farm wagon (with detachable hay)
Artillery wagon, with ballista in tow (detachable)
Carriage >
2 x Pack mules
Detachable three man fighting crew (3 soldiers in quilted armour) 

Artillery and seige equipment
3 x small ballistae
Medium ballista (A deployed version of the artillery wagon's towed ballista)
Medium ballista (static)
Wheeled catapult
'Pig' Covered battering ram
13 x Craters >
10 x Stakes >
10 x Punji stakes >
Small palisade (1 x Long. 9½x2cm. H3cm. 5 x Short. 5x2cm. H3cm. 4 x Corner. 90 degrees. 4 x Corner. 45 degrees.)
7 x Earthworks
16 x Earthworks with spikes 
4 x Mantlets

Elf warrior female (mounted and dismounted)
Red war elephant
Blue war elephant
Yellow war elephant

Eored the Horse Lord, in chainmail with sword (mounted & dismounted)
Dragonslayer, in chainmail with sword (mounted & dismounted)

The Brothers Rammstein

Orcs and Goblins
9 x Armoured orc warriors in brown with various weapons
5 x Armoured orc warriors in blue with various weapons
8 x Armoured Goblin archers
6 x Armoured Orc archers
2 x Armoured Uruk archers
Goblin wolf rider commander
5 x Goblin wolf riders in black with short spears
5 x Goblin wolf riders in yellow with short spears (including a sub commander)
5 x Goblin wolf riders in brown with short spears (including a sub commander)
5 x Goblin wolf riders in green with short spears (including a sub commander)
2 x Wargs

Science fiction

14 x Triffids >
Tripod drones
Bug drones (with wings deployed) 
4 x Heavy drones
Alien bounty hunter
Female time cop
Small mech
5 x Heavy Lander grenadiers (inc sub commander)
6 x Heavy Lander infantry (inc sub commander)
2 x Heavy Lander infantry with grenade launchers
Heavy Lander Sniper
Heavy Lander commander
Heavy Lander technician
Static Heavy Lander LMG and crew
Heavy Lander LMG (running)
Heavy Lander recon half track >
Heavy Lander artillery tractor
Heavy Lander assault gun


Iron age farm house nr 1
Iron age farm house nr 2
Iron age farm house nr 3 
Shed (A) 10x7½cm. H8cm. >
Guest house (B) 19x7cm. H10cm. >
Pig sty (C) 12½x12½cm. H6cm. >
Palisade. 15 wall elements & 1 gate. 9½x2cm. H6cm.
Village hall/granary/guard house
Wooden hovel. 12½x12½cm. H10½cm.
Small town house nr 1. 12½x12½cm. H17cm. (Two levels with one room per level) 
Small town house nr 2
Small town house nr 3
Large town house 
Wooden workshop 1. 21x17½cm. H14cm. (Two levels, with one room per level)

The House of Cthulhu (Three levels with fourteen rooms in total)
Large Inn
Gate house (with twin towers)

Terrain features
18 x Trees H12½cm. 
Gnarled tree H7½cm
3 x Logs/fallen trees 
15 x Single standing giant mushrooms
6 x Giant mushroom cluster  >
2 x Small mounds
Standing stones  (12 x Small and 18 x Large) 
Small dry stone wall segments (10 x Small. 6 x Medium. 1 x Large)
Dry stone walls ( 20 x 7x1cm. H1½cm. 2 x 5x1cm. H1½cm. 2 x 2x1cm. H1½cm)
2 x Campfires
Small stone bridge (is really too small for a regular base) 

Boats and ships
Small rowing boat (2 figures)
Large boat (5 figures)
2 x Fishing boats, 15x6½cm. H2½cm. (6 figures)
Knarr. 25x11cm. H4½cm. (circa 20 figures)
Carrack >
Rennaisance galley


Named characters (the good guys)
Rocketman with drum fed SMG (old version)
Rocketman with drum fed SMG (new version) >
Rocketman in flight with drum fed SMG
Audrey Summers/Mansfield with holstered pistol
'Mad Dog' Mitchell, with Browning Automatic Rifle
George Macarthur, with revolver 
Marcel Messnier, with Lee Enflield rifle
Prof. Summers (no weapons)
Vixen and Vesper 
Captain Wangai, with holstered pistol  

Unnamed character figures
'Indiana Jones', with whip and M1911
American adventurer, with twin revolvers
Fat old American with pistol
European man in blue suit, with SMG
European man in brown suit with Lee Enfield rifle
European man in brown suit with two holstered pistols >
European man in brown coat, with concealed bomb
European man in brown trousers (no weapons)
European man selling newspapers (no weapons)
European lady (no weapons)
European lady with torch (no weapons)
European gentleman in black suit (no weapons)
European gentleman in drab brown suit (no weapons)
European adventurer with hook hand and pistol 
European sailor with SMG
Blonde European girl with SMG
European girl with newspaper (no obvious weapons)
Naked European maniac with fire axe
Foreign Legionnary officer, with pistol
Foreign Legionnary with holstered pistol 
Bald European man with Lewis LMG
Hispanic man in brown with pistol
Hispanic woman in brown skirt, with concealed pistol >
Oriental male scholar with pistol
Oriental man in brown suit with Thompson SMG 
Oriental man with pistol
Arabian male tracker, with musket
Arabian male scholar (no weapons)
Farmer, with shotgun
Revolutionary activist (no weapons) 
Pilot with pistol (in full insulated flight suit) 
Pilot with pistol
Pilot with SMG 

Die Scwartzekreutz Bruderschafft
Baron von Schöenberg
Helga, with Mauser pistol >
Herr Doktor Alfred Metzger
Oberst Doktor Holst
Naval captain

8 x Schwarzer-pfeile fallschirmjäger with rifles
2 x Schwarzer-pfeile fallschirmjäger with SMGs
Schattentroppen gruppe grün (6 rifles) >
Schattentroppen gelbe gruppe (5 x rifles, 2 x SMG, 1 x flame thrower, 1 x LMG, 1 x grenades, 1 x grenade launcher & 1 x commander) >
Schattentroppen rote gruppe (5 x rifles, 2 x SMG, 1 x flame thrower, 1 x LMG, 1 x grenades, 1 x grenade launcher & 1 x commander) >
Moros, with two holstered revolvers
Johann, mutant zombie with flame thrower

Black Guards
'The Iron Czar' Viktor Korsakov, in power armour
Olga, with holstered pistol
2 x Black guard officers (one is Yuri 
2 x Black Guard officers (mounted)
20 x Black Guards with rifles, bayonets attached >
2 x Black Guard LMG (1 standing & 1 prone)
Black Guard HMG and crew
2 x Black Guard scouts
2 x Black Guard field guns, with crews
'Motor Tachanka' gun truck

Mounted officer, with pistol
3 x Bolshevik commanders 
12 x Bolshevik infantry (10 x rifles & 2 x LMG) >
Bolshevik HMG and crew

Colonial British
British officer in colonial uniform, with revolver 
British officer in colonial uniform, with holstered pistol
24 British colonial troops (21 x rifles & 3 x LMG) >
30 x Sikh infantry with Lee Enfield rifles, bayonets attached
Sikh HMG and crew 
Sihk gentleman (no weapons)
British colonial Muslim scout
British female auxiliary (no weapons)

10 African irregulars, with bolt action rifles >
20 x Askari infantry with rifles, bayonets attached
20 x Nonon tribal warriors (Muskets)
Nonon HMG and crew
5 x Generic African tribal warriors 

Cops & Robbers
6 x Gangsters in brown with Thompson SMG >
6 x Gangsters in grey with Thompson SMG
Gangster in black with Thompson SMG
5 x Gangsters with pistols
3 x 'Bag men' (no weapons)
Gangster's moll in red dress, with pistol
Police detective
British police officer (no weapons)
4 x American style police officers >
6 x Sheriff's posse
5 x Flappers (no weapons)

7x Cultists (4 x pistols, 1 x flame thrower & 1 x unarmed) >
11 Armoured cultists (7 x rifles, 2 x SMG & 2 x LMG)

Generic troops
10 x sailors with rifles, bayonets attached >
10 x European partizans, with bolt action rifles
10 x Chinese bandits 
8 x Arabians (2 x pistols & 8 x rifles)
16 x Belgian/French European infantry (10 rifles, 2 LMG, 2 scouts, 1 mortar and crew & 1 static HMG and crew)
Belgian/French mortar and crew

Military vehicles
2 x Rolls Royce armoured cars
Lanchester armoured car
Austin Putilov Series III Armoured Car 
Panhard-Schneider P-16 half-track 
Renault FT-17 light tank
2 x Vickers Mk VI-A light tanks
Vickers Mk VI-C light tank 
4 x Vickers Mk II medium tanks >
Vickers Medium Mk III tank 
Medium C 'Hornet' tank (female)
Vickers A1 E1 Independent tank
3 x Modified Mk VIII heavy tanks  >
5 x Crossley trucks (3 with soft tops)
Recovery truck
Gaz AA Light Truck
Morris 15CWT light truck (meant to be converted to a gun truck)
OT-26 flame tank
T-26 Light tank

Civilian Vehicles
Red Bugatti sports car
Red Mercedes SS sports car
Green Bentley sports car
2 x Rolls Royce cars
Open topped khaki staff car
Brown Ford A (Hard top)
Black Ford model A (Hard top)
Blue Ford model A (Hard top) 
Rusty green jalopy
Blue van
Green van
Red van 
Light blue van 
Traction engine >


5 x Hazmat troopers in yellow, including one command figure

As yet unassembled, or unpainted

20 x C17 Musketeers firing
6 x C17 Musketeers reloading
10 x C17 Musketters skirmishing
24 x C17 Unarmoured pikemen
24 x C17 Armoured pikemen
6 x C17 Dragoons (mounted)
9 x C17 Cuirrasiers (mounted)
C17 Cuirrassier commander (mounted)
C17 Cuirrasier trumpeteer (mounted)
C17 Cuirrassier standard bearer  (mounted)
2 x C17 Demi-culverin and crew
2 x C17 musicians (1 drum & 1 fife)
4 x C17 Command group (Musketeer standard bearer, Pike standard bearer, Commanding officer & Sergeant)

3 x C 16 Mounted crossbowman (armoured)
C12 Lady on horse 
C12 Lady on horse with falcon
12 x C12 Unarmoured light horse
3 x Norman commanders (mounted)
4 x C12 Unarmoured archers
8 x C12 Unarmoured skirmishers
4 x Armoured children
2 x Teenage skirmishers
9 x Generic medieval musicians ( 2 drummers, 2 violins, 1 bagpipe & 4 trumpets)
2  x Wounded passengers, for a wagon
12 x Assorted passengers (1 man, 1 woman, 2 boys & 8 soldiers)
Detachable three man fighting crew (3 soldiers in quilted armour) 
Gypsey caravan
Large sized farm wagon
Farm cart
Large baggage wagon
War wagon
4 x Dog sleds
3 x Medium ice wagons (2 with detachable cargo, 1with detachable soft top)
Heavy ice wagon, (with detachable soft top)
4 x Grazing cows
6 Draught oxen
7 x Draught horses
Medium ballista (wheeled)
Medium ballista (static - meant as an accessory for the carrack)

13 x Russian SPETZNAZ/Mercenaries
4 x SAS fire team
SAS sniper team (2 figures)
10 x Hazmat troopers 
3 x Modern adventurers with Mach 10's (1 woman & 2 men)

10 x Post-apocolypse character figures (assorted weaponry)
10 x Post-apocolypse soldier figures (8 auto rifles & 2 AT weapon crew)

5 x Hillbillies with rifles
10 x Assorted Chinese civilians (Rocketman)
12 x Generic African tribal warriors
2 x Arabians
3 x British officrs in tropical uniforms
2 x European ladies on camels, with a guide
20 x Early WW2 US GI's (2 x officers,  9 x Thompsen SMG, 3 x M1 carbines, 2 x BAR & 4 x Bazooka)
5 x Female sailors with rifles
2 x Fallschirmjäger mortar teams
2 x Fallschirmjäger Motor bikes with sidecars (MG34)
8 x Fallschirmjäger with SMGs
4 x Fallschirmjäger with radio packs
Fallschirmjäger LMG team
2 x Fallschirmjäger panzershreck teams
4 x Fallschirmjäger snipers
Fallschirmjäger IG18 75mm infantry support gun and crew
Fallschirmjäger static HMG and crew
Female German soldier with SMG
Female in great coat with Mauser pistol (was meant to be another version of Helga, but the pistol is broken)
German soldier with pistol (intended to be converted to a tank officer)
German WW1 storm trooper with Bergman SMG
Citroen Traction Avant
4 x Cars of the 1940's
Ford Model A fuel tender
M2 Light tank
Medium C 'Hornet' tank (female) 
2 x T28 Heavy tanks 
T35 Heavy Tank
3 x Char 1b medium tanks
2 x TKs tankettes
Modified Mk VIII heavy tank

25 x Assorted Dwarves
5 x Orc Warg riders
4 x Wargs
13 x Beastmen (Some of Oleg's old Dogstars)
4 x Uruk warriors
2 x Goblin scouts
4 x Orc warriors
Armoured Uruk Archer

2 x Pack horses
2 x Pack ponies
2 x Pack donkeys
3 x Pack Yaks
4 x Large tents
4 x Small tents
4 x Conical tents
Large pavillion tent (Oleg's)

6 x Dogs
2 x Bears
2 x Grazing horses
10 x Chickens

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