Thursday, March 26, 2015

Against my better judgement - new acquisitions

The trouble with painting figures is, you always want more. In the last couple of weeks I've been going over all my old projects and deciding which ones to finish. I have a lot of old projects backed up and I need to stop adding to the pile of unfinished models before I start anything new. Right now I am working on my Teutonic paratroopers; the 'Black Arrows'. These were bought almost a decade ago and were used in the very first Rocketman campaign games, and yet they were largely unpainted. Since I plan on using them again soon, I decided to complete the job and get them all done in nice new camouflaged uniforms. The only problem is, I quickly found they need some transport too and duly ordered two Horch 1A schwerer geländegängiger  from Warlord Games. This wasn't quite what I had had in mind when I started but the next thing I realised was I didn't have the necessary figures to provide mobile fire support, so I was obliged to order another MG-34 team from Black Tree (where I'd bought my original figures).

Now I'm looking at another of those Horch 1As which could be used as a staff car, as Warlord have one with its soft top up... and there is also a version with a 2cm AA gun which looks very seductive!