Friday, February 27, 2015

K4 heavy tanks

I don't think I've ever posted pictures of my entire K4 platoon, and since I am feeling expansive; here they are;

- --

The K4 is a fictious Soviet design, based on the UK/US Mark VIII 'Liberty' tank, or at least thats how I've used it in the Rocketman games. In actual fact these models are actually Indiana Jones toys from Disney which I have slightly modified for use in 28mm wargaming. The first toy was given to me about eight or nine years ago by some one from the old Wargames on the Web forum who had been to Florida and seen the toy in Disney World, but alas my memory serves me poorly and I forget who it was (was it you Paul?) I bought three more of them on e-bay as the years passed. These were my first 28mm tanks (except for a 1/48 FT-17), and they were a lot of fun to rebuild and use. If you can find them they are very easy to convert.

The fourth model has been converted to be a command tank - and it hasn't been quite finished yet. 


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