Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mad Max - Fury Road

Dir: George Miller.

This has got to be the best film of its kind, ever. Action-apocolypse never looked so stunning nor ever got my blood coursing as easily as this did. Miller pulled out everything, including the good stuff from the old films and let it rip the audience to tatters.

I was a big fan of the original trilogy and had them all on VHS, back in the day. I  especially liked the second movie, since it was so straight forward, and didn't waste time on sentimental side steps, obligatory love stories or what have you. The actors and their characters told the story along the way, in their reactions and mannerisms and just how they looked.

This film does the same, only here it  goes one better. The gang of maurauding survivors has been replaced by a tribe of automechanical religious maniacs, all of whom act and react exactly to the films internal story. Perhaps the story is a little bit strange in places (like what are they actually all eating out there in the desert anyway?) but on the whole, it works well.

There is some talk of the film being feminist propaganda. I had noticed thet Max seeme dto be taking a back seat to Furiosa for a lot of the time, but I put that down to the way Max was being portrayed (Tom Hardy is excellent!) and since I fully expect further films to flesh out his character, I wasn't at all concerned by the fact that all the bad guys were men and the female character's were all 'good'. So what? If this is feminist propaganda, then I'll gladly take more of it.

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