Sunday, June 13, 2010

Martin Kristiansen

33 year old Flyveroverkonstabel Martin Kristiansen was killed, and four other Danish soldiers were wounded today when their M113G3 APC was hit by an IED in the region of Forward Patrol Post Budwan. All the soldiers were immediately evacuated by helicopter to the field hospital at Camp Bastion. Martin Kristiansen was declared dead on arrival.

Flyveroverkonstabel Martin Kristiansen of the Royal Danish Air Forcewas posted to Afghanistan as a dog handler by the Engineers Regiment, based in Skive. His dog Loke was with him at the time of the attack and was also killed.

"Martin Kristiansen lost his life in the line of duty" said Generalmajor Henrik R. Dam, Head of Air Command. This is a tragic event which affects us all and my thoughts go first and foremost to Martin Kristiansen's family, friends and colleagues. In the near future the Air Force will concentrate on supporting the family.

It has been a hard year for all the armed services with many dead and wounded, but our sorrow in this loss is none the less."

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