Sunday, June 13, 2010


By Rafael Sabatini

Oh what a difference an author makes! From the drab neurosis of Marguerite Duras to the intoxicating intricacies of Sabatini at what must surely be his best! Previously, the only book I've read by Sabatini was 'Captain Blood', and as I recall I gave that book four stars. Now here is another four star novel from the same hand, only this book is even better. Its not quite five stars, the rambling history lesson of the early French revolution interupting the middle of the story in the most annoying way and the big twist at the end of the story being pretty obvious from about half way through. That said, the sense of time passed, of history and the many, many small details that can only be considered as authentic, even if by virtue of historical ignorance, mean this book is certainly worth recommending.

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