Friday, November 29, 2013

Yikes - Getting ready to begin casting

My poor blog has been utterly neglected of late, the reasons for this are many, but most are due to the near total freeze of my blogable interests. Since we moved and since Oleg died, I have barely done anything which didn't relate to moving out of the city, and/or my children. How this will manifest itself in the future I don't know, but I as am currently under employment, and working out of the house every day of the week, the freedom of being a free lance illustrator/unemployed bum is a thing of the past. Now I have the week ends and a few hours in the evening (which I usually waste by playing Battlefield 3).

My plan for this week end, involves the first attempt at casting a model tank however. I've bought and tested several liters of polueurethene resin from the UK, and the results were favourable. I also filled my mold with water to measure the amount of resin I need to mix but here I encountered a slight problem. The mold is quite heavy, and the water leaked easily if the mold was not held tightly together. Trial and error will have to determine how much pressure is necessary, but too much pressure risks warping the mold so I shall have to be cautious.

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