Thursday, October 17, 2013

Casting attempts one and two

The first cast, without any colour additive or filler. I screwed up with the first one and left it in the mold too long. I hadn't realised that I was supposed to take it out after 25 minutes. I thought that 25 minutes was the pot life, so it sat in the mold for 19 hours before I realised my mistake. I'm not sure but I think the excess heat caused the surface of the casting to wrinkle.
The tissue paper is due to the stickiness of the part, which also caught me by surprise when I removed it from the mold, and it stuck.

The first cast in outdoor light. Note the air bubbles. These are my biggest concern.

The second cast, with added stone filler. The resin/filler mix seemed to be much thicker than the clear resin mix I used in the first cast. It also took a much longer time to fill the mold. The wrinkles are gone, as this time I opened the mold after 25 minutes, but the air bubbles are still in evidence, despite my having knocked the mold and turned it about in the hope of dislodging the air.

The second cast in outdoor light.
I have ordered some colour pigments, and my third attempt will be with a resin/pigment mix. I'm not too impressed by the stone filler. 

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