Friday, August 23, 2013

1920's assault gun


This is the fourth of my initial four planned models. I made a maquette at Christmas, but since then I'd not looked at it. Since this model is designed to be cast as a single piece though, it makes sense to get it started, so over the last few days I've been doing just that. The first image shows the starting point, and the side plate measures 132 x 38mm.


To the left is the front of the vehicle, and to the right, the rear. The main gun will sit in the projecting structure at the front, whilst the driver's position is beside it (on the near side). I'm thinking the gun will be something like a 75mm, akin to the weapon mounted in the glacis of the Char 1b.


Here is the hull of the vehicle (whose gaps are currently being filled out with milliput) compared to a Copplestone Casting's 1919 'Hornet' Medium tank Note the assault gun doesn't have any tracks yet. These will add 9mm to either side of the model as we see it here. The image on the right shows the hull next to the original maquette of the same model.

Copper strips added to provide a base for the tracks for the 20 ton medium tank; track assembly. The next stage is to add tracks, rivets and various other small details.

the track assembly from the 20 ton medium tank beside the hull of the 1920's assault gun. They make for a rather pleasing vehicle, some what reminiscent of the modern 'Ripsaw', though considerably heavier I would imagine.

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