Thursday, January 03, 2013


Dir: Pete Travis

I finally got to see this film, and from where I was sitting, it looked very good (I didn't see it in 3D thankfully).

Judge Dredd is back however, with all his grim harder-than-life attitude, and this time he really is the business! I didn't hate the Stallone version like a lot of people did, but now I've seen this film, I can certainly appreciate the difference. Where as the Stallone film got the look right, they missed the attitude. 'Dredd' doesn't really have the look from the original comics, but its got the right attitude and to some degree the same ambience, and this really makes for the difference.

Karl Urban helps too. Though not really a big man, he fits the part well, and almost under plays Dredd, though I think this is certainly a deliberate tactic when Stallone's previous portrayal is considered. He also keeps the iconic visored helmet on and this does more for the character and the film than any amount of special effects could counter balance.

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