Thursday, September 20, 2012

Artist of the Month; Odd Nerdrum

Odd Nerdrum is an excentric Norwegian artist whose often refered to as a 'maestro'. Personally I think he's a bit weird but thats okay. He paints unusual paintings, often with a strange narrative, and nearly always figurative. It seems he'll go places where other artists won't, and in the past he's painted large canvases of people shitting and hung them in trendy art galleries. I'm not that beguiled by the human form that I appreciate the aesthetics of a woman dropping a turd, but I think maybe can understand what he's doing. The two images in this post show pregnant women (much nicer), and maybe Odd (thats really his name by the way, pronounced in the Scandinavian way with soft d's) has a very intimate relationship to humanity. It certainly seems that way to me, and its more or less why I like his weird paintings.

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