Friday, August 03, 2012

Artist of the Month; John Atkinson Grimshaw

If your thinking 'Why?' then its understandable as John Atkinson Grimshaw isn't particularly well known. Partly because he was never really that well known, but mostly because he left no documents or sketchbooks or other means for art historians to ponder upon. His style of work is also rather dated in many ways and probably doesn't appeal to very many people. 

 Atkinson Grimshaw had two very distinct area's of expertise. The first was his constant exploration of light, and the second was his meticulous attention to detail. His ability to combine these two talents into his work, makes him an especially interesting artist, and (visually) a forerunner to some of my other favourite artists, such as Geoff Hunt and Mark LaguĂ«. Consider for example the image above with Hunt's cover illustration for 'Treason's Harbour', or the first image with Lague's painting; 'Michigan Ave'. There is no doubt that whilst the latter day illustrators and artists do a fine job, they are essentially following down a path blazed by John Atkinson Grimshaw.

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