Monday, August 27, 2012

12 ton tank model; update


More details added. At this stage there is a lot of fiddling work with very small parts and the changes to the model are not so obvious. I've reduced the external fuel drum so it looks less like a pressure bottle, begun work on the external tool box and made an 'external engine detail' (I'm not sure what it is exactly, but a lot of old tanks have various covered engine parts outside the hull; air filters, radiators and the like). The exhaust pipe, the tool box and the fuel drum will all be a seperate cast, all on one sprue.

I've also added the driver's view port and entry hatch in an armoured protrusion which is inspired by the drivers position on the Char 1 bis. I'm not sure yet if I will also add a machine gun to the glacis plate. Common tank-design doctrine indicates I should, but I don't want the tank to appear too normal. Then again, I don't want it to be under- gunned either. The problem hinges on what a forward gun position should look like, and do I want to disrupt the shape of the glacis plate too much? I'm inclined to make a small ball mounted MG.

Overall length: 95mm. Width: 50mm. Height: 49mm.
The scale of the model is 1/55 (which make the tank about 5.2m long).

I'm not sure how long the main gun will be, but it may be about 25mm, which would extend the length of the model by about 5mm.

The three first models in comparison. Medium 20 ton, medium 12 ton, and light 6 ton. 

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