Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Teutons & baggage

Its not all about the Eighty Years War and historical Dutch war ships in the arcane workshops of moif. Various older projects trundle along, slowly but surely, and here are a few figures I finished in the last few weeks (I paint very slowly as I only have about 2 hours per evening to myself). Above are four Teutonic Halbebruder Sergeant-at-arms (identifed by their Teutonic tau heraldry), and eight additional Teutonic crossbowmen. These figures, along with fifteen cavalry were ordered to bolster my existing, meager Teutonic force, which was sorely lacking in man power. The cavalry are underway (see example below), but may take some time as they are not an immediate priority

Another old project still steaming quietly ahead are my wagons and carriages. In fact these scratch built aspirations are so old, that I first mentioned them on this blog back in 2007. The first baggage wagon is now finished and here it is. Horse and wheels from Front Rank driver from Mirliton. Below is the second baggage wagon, which features removal cargo. Currently it is employed in hauling fresh water. There are three more baggage wagons in the offing, two are agricultural in nature (with detachable loads) and one is a seige engineers wagon. Also undeway is a gypsy style caravan and a Hussite style war wagon.

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