Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hunter Prey

Dir: Sandy Collora

This is what I like. Simple science fiction with no dazzling effects and some half way decent story telling. Fuck 'Avatar'. This and 'Moon' were the best science fiction films of 2010 in my mind. 'Hunter Prey' is a low budget movie made by people who tackle adversity with creativity. There are shades of other stories in 'Hunter Prey', 'Enemy Mine' and 'Pitch Black' spring immediately to mind, but the film has its own place and I'd recommend it.

The story is simple, a star ship has crash landed on a barren planet and only four people have survived. Three are armoured soldiers and the fourth is an escaped prisoner. As the film progresses a story unfolds with various twists and turns along the way, finally ending in something of an ambiguity which might lead the audience to a certain conclusion or which might lead to a sequel... Hopefully something better than the 'Chronicles of Riddick'.

I suppose the acting was okay given the constraints of the story and the special effects, but 'Alien' this isn't. The costumes and make up are a tad ambiguous, as good as anything on 'Farscape' or the original 'Star Wars' trilogy, but again, not anything you'd expect to win awards. This is a good thing though because it leaves the audience underwhelmed by effects and lets them concentrate on the story. The story itself is average science fiction movie fare, so not really SCIENCE fiction. More like a morality play set in high tech trappings. It more or less works, and entertains if you like this kind of thing.

Hunter Prey - Trailer
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