Monday, December 27, 2010

Planning the Eighty Years War Part 2; Manufacturers of European miniatures pertaining to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

A few years ago I worked out a comparison of the most expensive manufacturers and its been quite an eye opener to see how prices have changed in the mean time. Back then Essex Miniatures were the cheapest of the companies I had book marked and Games Workshop (followed by Foundry) were the most expensive. GW was so expensive they were over five times as much as Essex for a single figure.

Perry Miniatures, (28mm) English Civil War range. I think I like these the best. They look suitably generic enough to pass for Nederlanders, and Perry (whilst slightly small) usually have a nice amount of detail and character.
The price for six figures is £6.00 + 17% P&P. This translates to 368kr for an infantry regiment.

Copplestone Castings' (28mm) Glory of the Sun range. I really like Copplestone's figures, but they do tend to be a bit on the big size, (more like 32 than 28mm). The best part is the range has specific Dutch musketeers. The bad part is, they belong to the period directly after the EYW and may not fit well with Perry's figures.
The price for six figures is £6.75 + 10% P&P. This translates to 384kr for an infantry regiment.

Essex Miniatures (25mm) 14th to 17th Century Dutch range. These have the advantage of being specifically Dutch, but frankly, they look like crap and I can't see myself going for them. As 'Dutch' they just don't look all that much different from the Perry English Civil War range, except in quality.
The price for one figure is £1.00 + 30% P&P. This translates to 407kr for an infantry regiment which actually makes them more expensive than the Perry or Copplestone figures.

Foundry Miniatures (28mm) Elizabethan range. I don't like Foundry. They are simply over priced and subsequently the quality they offer (poses & variations) is a joke.
The price for eight figures is £13.20 + £10 P&P. This translates to 662kr for an infantry regiment.

Bivorne Miniatures (25mm) English Civil War range. This is a nice range of miniatures which I came across by accident. Admittedly they are more expensive than most, but they have a very wide range of poses and they are suitably generic enough to be Dutch.
The price for eight figures is £9.00 + 15% P&P. This translates to 451kr for an infantry regiment.

Renegade Miniatures (28mm) English Civil War range. These are nice and generic enough for me, and Renegade have a suitably wide range of troop types. I might consider mixing these figures with Copplestone and Perry in order to break the monotony of figures per base.
The price for eight figures is £6.95 + 30% P&P, which translates to 395kr for an infantry regiment. Renegade also have regiment prices but their regiments are 24 mixed figures.

Tradition of London (25mm) English Civil War range. These figures look very old fashioned and given the name and age of the company, I think they specialise in a much older game than anything I'm interested in. I don't care for the sculpts at all and the range of poses isn't anything that counter balances the poor quality of the figures.
The theoretical price for one figure is £0.95 + 20% P&P. This translates to 358kr for an infantry regiment. The only trouble is, the online shop doesn't allow for a purchase of 36 figures so in order to make a regiment, one would have to buy 50 figures.

Redoubt Enterprises (25/28mm) English Civil War range. Redoubt seem to be similar to Essex, but I've never bought anything from them so I have no idea what they are like. The images they have on their site indicate a mediocre quality with a reasonably wide range of poses.
The price for one figure is £1.10 but P&P to the 'rest of the world' is determined 'by weight' which makes it impossible to guess how much a regiment might cost. There is a regiment deal of £30 for a thirty figure regiment pack, but this is still without any idea of P&P. I'm guessing they are too expensive to be worth considering.

Edited to add;

Front Rank (28mm) Late 17th Century range.
The price for one figure is £1.05 + 20% P&P. This translates to 395kr for an infantry regiment

Second edit;

Warlord Games (28mm) Pike and Shotte range. Plastic figures which sell in unit boxes. Each infantry box contains 4 pikemen and 8 musketeers. Quality seems good but I have a prejudice against plastic figures which I find annoyingly light and easy to knock over.
The price for twelve figures is £7.00 + 10% P&P. This translates to 201kr for an infantry regiment which makes these figures very attractive, despite being made of plastic.

Reiver, via Under the Bed. (28mm) Covenanter Rebellion range. (1666 - 1679). The sculpts seem decent enough, but the figures look too a tad too modern for the Dutch Rebellion.
The price for ten figures is £10.00 + 20% P&P. This translates to 419kr for an infantry regiment

Parkfield (25mm) Glorious Revolution range. These are much like Reiver's Covenanters. They look good enough to grace the tabletop, and they are decently cheap, but they look too modern for the Dutch Rebellion. Not enough in the balloon pants department!
The price for one figure is £0.70 + 25% P&P. This translates to 275kr for an infantry regiment

The Assault Group (28mm) Rennaisance range. This looks like a nice big range with multiple European nations represented (those in the image are German) and a wide range of poses. The biggest draw back is the price which is not as bad as Foundry's, but still high enough to be uncompetative.
The price for four figures is £5.95 + gratis P&P. This translates to 468kr for an infantry regiment


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Are these too late for your period??

...and let's not forget these guys!

The Redoubt figures I've owned have been lovely but from memory they tend to be on the big side...

moif said...

I've added the Front Rank figures to the blog post, but not the Matchlock, as they have no ilustrations by which to judge the quality of the figures. And with me, no image means no purchase as I have no way of knowing what I'm paying for without an image (I tried google image search but got nothing).

Grimsby Mariner said...

Don't forget the Warlord ECW plastic range as well - along with their new TWY range. Just right for conversions I would have thought and lovely models to boot.

I don't like Redoubt they have some equisute figures alongside some truley dreadful stuff in the same range and you have no way of knowing because you only get to see drawings on their website.

Same with Old Glory except that their horses are universally bad.

What about Reiver - available through Under the Bed? They might have something.

Parkfied do figures for the 1688 period as well. True 25mm, cheap and a range that is not as well sculpted as the Perry but grows on you. Simon also offers an exceptional service in postage and return spped.

The Assault Group do a very nice TWY range as well (expensive though).

This is one of the fun bits of a new project - planning and designing.

moif said...

Thanks guys. I've edited the post to include these manufacturers.

foot1642 said...

I'm a bit unsure about your concept of competetive - I buy figures I like (and OK I live in the UK which means Foundry are much cheaper - though TAG cost the same!) and I'd rather save my money and buy what I like than spend less and get figures that I can only just tolerate. I would not mix Perrys with Renegade as the latter are probably the biggest 28mm out there whilst Perrys are rather slim and slight (though very nicely done). Personally Bicorne and TAG are by far and away the best 2 ranges out there and I would not look at anything post 1660 as the uniform styles changed significantly

moif said...

Thanks for your advice foot1642. This is a very long term project, and as yet I've not bought very many figures. All those I have have been Perry.

We still haven't decided on which rule system to use either.

John Verbeek said...

The Games Workshop 'Spanish' arquebusiers and rondasiers are simply the best ever made, fitting into the narrow timezone of 1572-73 during which time most interesting battles were fought (Haarlem , Leiden, Alkmaar to name a few). Nowadays Gamezone has some musketeers, helbard armed soldiers and pikeman, all Spanish, full of character (the faces of the pikemen fending off a cavalry attack are brilliant veteran faces) Their artillery is overdone. Cavalry: the Spanish pistoleers are usefull.