Monday, December 27, 2010


Possibly the most beautiful historical ship replica I have yet come across, the Batavia is a copy of a fateful VOC ship which suffered a mutiny on her maiden voyage and floundered off the coast of Australia. She is currently moored at the Bataviawerf where the people who made her are engaged in building another impressive ship, the 76 gun De Zeven Provinciƫn.

As a 24 gun Dutch galleon of 1628 she fits right into the EYW period, and would be a real challenge to build as a model for 28mm wargaming... I'd really like to build a ship model based on her lines though and she may *probably* become the third ship in my 'Dutch fleet'.

This isn't the Batavia, but its a comparable ship, in action at Gibralter in 1607

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Roly (aka Arteis) said...

The Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney sells a wonderful print of the VOC ship 'Batavia' by Australian artist Ross Shardlow, which you can order online.

Picture of print:

Details of print:

moif said...

Oh my. That is a nice print. Thanks for the info!