Monday, July 19, 2010

....Monday again

Today's musical inspiration! Thelma Houston - 'Don't Leave Me This Way'

Sitting here thinking of Mette, at home with the kids whilst I have to be here at work... *sigh* Another slow Monday eased with beautiful music. Half the guys at work are on holiday and one or two are leaving for good. Goeg from the Rocketman crew is on his last week and Anna who sits beside me in the office has already gone. Its going to be fucking boring around here without them. I'm not good with change and a lot of the new people feel transient. I always get the feeling that people who arrive after me are less interesting than those who were here before me, though obviously that's not always the case. I'm just not too good at saying good bye to people I like in return for meeting strangers who might turn out to be world class idjits. Its happened before, in one case to such a degree that I couldn't face the daily burden of listening to the same droning monologue of supercilious self-congratulatory stupidity and I simply had to leave or resort to physical violence.

Right now I've just finished correcting some one else's work (because he's on holiday not because he can't do it himself) and next I'm drawing a monkey sitting on top of a giraffe's head, reaching up to grab some fruit or leaves...not sure which yet. The idea is for a logo which deals with people helping each other. Some of the jobs I get asked to do are ridiculously ambiguous and good idea's, which are often hard to come by, as often as not get discarded due to unrelated concerns. I don't doubt this idea will get trashed because people don't like being compared to monkeys or some other such nonsense.

Day dreaming too... Autogyro design's... Condottieri in the sunlight... PBY Catalina... heavy breasts... Operation Herald... Momentum vs velocity... He's still alive but I'll probably never his voice ever again...

I have this office to myself so no one sees the tears.


moif said...

I had to replace the original music video as You Tube took it down for copyright infringment within hours of my having found it.

Too bad. It was excellent.

Grimsby Mariner said...

Monday blues get us all my friend. I've just finished reading "Assassins Creed Renaissence" (yes a novel about a video game) which whilst poorly written does deal with condottiere fighting in small bands across Italy, and like you I've been daydreaming about them too. Less so about heavy breats though :)