Saturday, July 31, 2010

Modelling update

Existentialist questions are all well and good, but there are other important things in life, such as modelling! In the last few weeks I've not just been sitting idle as I contemplate fate, on the contrary. I've been busily engaging my brain in the intellectual pursuit of recreation in miniature. If I didn't, I'd probably go into melt down or something...

Preperation for the third Takshendal campaign is under way, as is Operation Herald and I have half a dozen or so models to build and finish before the adventures can begin. Oleg has also been busy but I'll post his stuff later. For now here is a WIP update on my current models;

The animated GIF above shows a building I made for the first Takshendal campaign but, like so many others, it was never fully finished. It needs some internal details, weathering and the base needs rendering.

Second is a medium sized town house which I started about six months ago, but then set aside when I got side tracked. Its been standing about my room as a skeleton ever since, but now its under way at last. It will be four levels high when its finished, possibly with a complicated roof. Originally the roof was going to be very ambitious, but then I lost interest in it so the finished model probably won't be as flamboyant as originally planned.

The third model under way was begun on Monday evening. It is a second medium sized town house, with three levels and a large balcony on pillars. I'm trying to make this building as generic as possible so it can be used in a greater variety of historical settings.

The fourth building is a generic building for modern settings, made with Operation Herald and RM7 in mind. Essentially it will be a pseudo industrial/frontier store type building with two rooms, an office/shop and a store room. This model is designed to fit with several of my existing models and will have a run down, seedy look to it. The roof is made of corrugated cardboard and will be painted to look as much like old rusty metal as I can make it. Both this model and the next were used in the last Rocketman game, despite being hardly begun.

The last of the current models underway is an industrial garage/workshop. Its loosely based on aircraft hangers though its essentially too small to house an aircraft. It will be all corrugated with a wooden outhouse/workshop/office at the back.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Excellent truly excellent

moif said...

I'll soon have a small town on the shelves here...