Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Freja and Magne; the old town

On May 2nd, we took the kids over to see the Old Town. They don't give a toss about the old buildings, but there was an open event with old fashioned stuff for kids to see, not least volunteers in period costume and a play area with the sorts of enterainments children had over a hundred years ago. Over the course of the week end, there had been various events staged, but by the time we got there on Sunday afternoon, most everything was over, so we found the streets half empty, though there was still plenty to look at. Both the kids enjoyed the play area and Freja was over joyed to get a big red and white striped lollipop. It was so big it lasted her three days. I didn't have my camera with me, so I took these pictures with my phone.

The Old Town of Aarhus is one of the biggest museums in Denmark, and with its central location, quite easy to reach (its about 1km from we we live). Mette is currently working there as a seamstress and so we had gratis entry. I've been many times, not least because I find a lot of inspiration for my models from the buildings.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Love it.
My kids are much older than yours and still don't give a toss about old buildings. But we insist on taking them still!!

Matt said...

Very nice indeed-what century are they? I can see why you use them for ideas for your own buildings.


moif said...

According to their official website;

(quote)It is the purpose of the museum to document and show the history of Danish market towns with specific reference to ways of life, trade and building culture. The museum covers the period from the rise of the market town in the early middle ages to the nineteen hundreds when the market towns were gradually replaced by industrial urban communities. The main part of the collections, however, is concentrated on the period from the fifteen hundreds to the early nineteen hundreds.(/quote)

They're also building a new area which will cover the 1950-70's, but I don't know why as it jars with the rest of the museum.

Palle "Nybyggeren" said...

Possibly to cover the rise and decline of industrialism, but not itself? I do not much like it either.

I, like you, do love to walk around over there after closing hours. In fact I think Peanut and I will take our evening walk there today in the rain.

You guys should find this interesting. It is a live roleplaying event done by my nephew, Mikkel Boesen- like his uncle Ma Hist- and focuses on teaching the climax of nationalism in Denmark in the mid/19th century.

It set of Friday with trying on costumes, getting the last bits of background, getting quartered, food, etc. (lots of material had been sent and read in advance). Saturday it starts for real at the eve of war as the war of 1964 has everybody jubilant, participants play that all day. Evening food and beer. Sunday is then fast-forwarded to just after the retreat from Danevirke and the shock of defeat.

Everything happened in Den Gamle By and guests could come and interact with the roleplayers. It is one of those Live scenarios that took a year almost full time for three guys to prepare, but has passed into legend.