Wednesday, November 04, 2009

T minus 11 days and counting

The big four oh approaches and I'm supposed to have a mid life crisis or some such. Maybe thats what all this dieting and exersize is really all about, though I don't believe that myself. My deteriorating health was more than enough incentive to pull myself together. Literally.

I can't but help notice the other 'senior' members of my gym who always seem to be there when I am though. Usually I go on mondays and fridays, but this week I went today instead, and so I saw a fresh batch of faces, quite a few hoochies too which I hadn't seen thus far. Not that I actually give a damn any more. I couldn't but help notice my biceps have suddenly developed a hardened internal 'lump', which I take must be the beginnings of increased muscle growth and this was of far more interest to me than the pumping slender muscles of young women in flattering clothing... So maybe I am in a midlife crisis after all? If I am, then I'm wondering what the big deal is, mid life feels far better than the last decade of youth did.

Winter is upon us now and as I cycled home today, on my way to the gym, the freezing rain, slanting across my face, was relentlessly cold. Darkness fell around 15:45 and I had all my winter gear on, I even bought a high visibility vest because I'd rather look like a living clown than a dead cool guy and the ring roads of Ã…rhus are packed with speeding morons yapping on their cell phones as they speed up to squeeze through the junctions just before the lights change from amber to red. The inner ring road and Vesterbrotorv are the worst. There are no markings for cyclists and people squeeze in any where they can, even along side the city buses which are notoriously bad for your health.

Currently I'm contemplating high contrast images and trying to figure out why they are so appealing. I think it must have something to do with over emphasis, ripe fruit, engorged sexual organs and the way our brains are wired towards procreation... but I'm not sure.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I'd never heard of a "hoochie" before... :o)

With you on the cycling visibility thing though... at this time of the year I look like a Christmas tree on my cycle home - festooned in lights, all of them set to flash...!

Jan said...

Hoochie is what Hobbes calls girls in 'Calvin and Hobbes'

(moif @ work)

mlj said...

hoochie mamas... that's always been a a well established term in my family, yes, really!

4-0, mid life... people are too concerned with labelling times of our lives, thinking of the future and the past, and too little about living the moments they are in.


moif said...

Curiously, I read the other day that the term 'teenager' was only adopted after 1945.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Det er jo litt tidlig (eller kanskje litt sent?), men gratulaerer med dagen, Moif!!!

Vennlig hilsen,