Sunday, November 01, 2009

Rolling out the big guns


I already have a lot of work to do to get my mid war models and figures ready for RM6, but some few are already completed and amongst these are four Vickers Mk II medium tanks (image above) bought from Copplestone. Actually my Dad gave me three of them in return for my building a steam roller model for him (of which I shall shortly be posting as its a seriously difficult model by comparison to my wargaming models). As always I've painted the models in generic colours, with minimal markings for maximum use on the table top. I have half a mind to buy four more of these, just so I can paint them brown and pit them against each other. Its been impossible to find a comparable medium tank from the same period with which to arm an opposing force. The only viable options I've managed to find so far are 1/56 scale Japanese type 89's by Company B, or multiple FT-17 light tanks. I know of two companies which make the latter, but one lot are 1/56 and they look rather small, and the other whilst looking slighlty better at 1/48, cost €45 each.

Below is this evenings work, two assembled and based Bolshevik 76mm divisional field guns, of the 1902 type used in huge numbers by the Soviets in the early twentieth century. No sooner had I bought them and a few additional Bolshevik infantry, than Copplestone put out an offer for a full Bolshevik army, with a 25% discount. I was well tempted as I am by Novembers offer, a full Chinese army, which I could certainly make use of in RM11 but the costs are just too great. If I had but the surplus funds to take advantage of the offer I would, but such is the lot of wargaming alas. You can never have too many figures because more figures equals more possibility!

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