Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wafa Sultan speaking in Copenhagen

Wafa Sultan, Copenhagen, 2009 from IFPS on Vimeo.


Palle "Nybyggeren" said...

I anticipate a post on Iran soon??

It was very strange to come home from Viking in Iceland and have no idea about what is happebning in the world to see the people of Iran finally rising to try and throw of the yoke of religious nutters.
I hope they eventually emulate what the Serbians did.


moif said...

With regards to Iran; I have very little interest in the country. I feel a natural sympathy for the innocent people there, but any one who chooses to live by strict religious docrine, gets all they deserve.

Essentially we get the societies we deserve and people who are not prepared to fight for their freedom must suffer the consequences of their passivity.

I understand that as a Dane, having never had to fight for my freedom, I have been given something of a free ride, but I have always maintained that I would fight for my freedom should the need arise and fully honour and respect those who are fighting on my behalf. Were I twenty years younger, in full health and without children, I would already have signed up as you can probably appreciate.

Since I am twenty years older, in poor physical condition (though gradually improving again) and a father, my responsiblities naturally lie else where. Having said that, if push comes to shove in my life time, I will not hesitate to stand up for my freedom and that of my children.

Iran must free itself. I can only hope that the budding democracy in Iraq succeeds to the point where the Iranians are inspired to do so.