Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Danish soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Three Danish soldiers were killed in Afghanistan by a road side bomb yesterday. They were all in the Guards Hussar Regiment, and were killed on Highway 1, in Helmand province. This brings the total of Danes killed in Afghanistan to twenty five. British experts have examined the site and concluded the bomb was most likely hidden in a water drain that ran under the road. The Afghan military is said to be guarding Highway 1, but have been unable to defend it. A British soldier was also killed in a similar attack on the same stretch of road not so long ago.

As before, and in the future I fear, my thoughts and sympathy are with the families of these brave men, and I hope they can take some small comfort in the thought that their sons died for a worthy cause. I shall remember their loss, and the pain of their families, as I remember those that went before them. Their sacrifice for my democratic freedom shall not be in vain.

Mads Lerche Rasmussen.
21 years old.

Martin Abildgaard.
23 years old.

Andreas S√łgaard Brohus.
26 years old.

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Grimsby Mariner said...

A tragedy certainly and little comfort for the families knowing they died for a cause worthwhile.

Afghanistan, probably more than any other conflict, has a history that tells us how hard it is to defeat the native population. alexander was the first westener to find this out and nothing has changed since.