Saturday, June 13, 2009

moif & the Snoos day 2

Last nights sky was a sign of good weather today, for although it blew a lot, the weather was glorious. Nice and bright, but not too hot, and with hardly a cloud in the sky. Naturally Freja and I took advantage of this to spend a few hours at a local play ground called Børnernes jord (which roughly translates to 'Childrens land'). Freja loves this place because it has a swing she dreams about and a neighbouring kiosk which sells 'Ice age III ice creams'. Freja is a big fan of Ice Age. On the way over to the playground I took a couple of pictures of some local buildings which I thought looked well picturesque with the hard light giving some nice contrast. I am sorely tempted to paint the old shop in the image above. By the way 'Bøger Kunst' does not translate to anything rude, which one might be tempted to think if one didn't speak Danish. Bøger is Books, and Kunst is Art. The second building image is a small indy art gallery called 77m3 which I thought was a clever reference to possible sculptors.

When we got to the play ground, it was quite deserted and Freja and I had the swings to ourselves for a bit. This suited the Snoos perfectly and we spent the next half an hour with me pushing her and her shouting "Higher! Higher!" This only stopped when she went too high and the chains went slack at the apex of the swing. She came down hard with a yelp of pain and for a horrible guilty moment I thought I'd given her whip lash. It turned out the safety bars on the swing had hurt her back and my guilt didn't last long, as our break from the swing didn't last long either. Two minutes later we were back and Freja was demanding greater altitude again.

Once she had sated herself on the swing, Freja turned to picking flowers, disapearing in the undergrowth in her combat pants. Børnernes jord, though not a huge place, is quite overgrown around its outer edge and as more kids and parents arrived, there was a demand for the swing (there is only one swing for kids of Freja's age). Freja teamed up with a couple of other little girls, strangers as far as I could make out, and I sat on a boulder enjoying the sun and reading a short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Eventually, and despite my sun glasses, the bright sunlight gave me a headache (a common thing for me) Plucking flowers was apparently so much fun that I had to use the promise of an ice cream to get the Snoos to leave but we did eventually. We came home and Freja spent the rest of the day watching '101 Dalmations' and playing Oline on Mettes computer. All in all it was a very good day and despite not talking to any one but each other, we managed to get on very well.

I have to add though, that I am knackered, my fingers are aching and my neck hurts from all the running around and playing. Freja has just gone to bed at last, and now I need a good, hot cup of coffee!


Grimsby Mariner said...

Spending time with children is a great way to pass the day. Something that you'll miss as they hit their teenage years.
Enjoy the time you have and don't begrudge Freja her time with you. The rewards are her smiles.

brando said...

I have no children, which I'd like to change. I want you to know that reading your post made me very jealous. It sounds like a great day.

moif said...

Its always good to be with the Snoos, even if it is hard on the joints LOL.

Palle "Nybyggeren" said...

Coffee, strong, you!!!

Now I need one...

Good that you and your lovely little Snoos are having fun, I still treasure the memories of such times with my parents.

Speaking of memories, trhere are many epic stories to tell from Iceland, one brought us on the Icelandic TV-Avis ;-) check FB and see you Thursday.