Friday, June 12, 2009

moif & the Snoos day 1

Mette and Magne have gone off to Copenhagen to visit Mette's best friend Camille, leaving Freja and I to our own devices all week end. I had planned to get a load of painting down for my upcoming Rocketman campaign, but day one has passed with Freja pretty much setting the agenda. We started off with a trip to the doctor. Freja has a nasty red rash on her lips and cheeks (see image below from last week) and the usual creams and potions have no effect. The doc conjured up a new paste and I'm hoping it does the business because Freja's face looks very tender at the moment. The worst part is, it looks like Magne may be getting the same thing, but we can't tell yet.

The city was drenched with rain. Its odd to think that last week the weather was nice and hot and I almost switched to high summer clothing. Today the temp was a lousy 12-14C and it pissed down all day. The image above was taken at 11am!

Most of the city was busy despite the rain, and Freja was in her element. She loves splashing about and getting wet and being cold doesn't seem to bother her at all. We went to the chemist to pick her meds and she spent almost half an hour running about the puddles and water on the city's central plaza.

After we got home, I gave Freja a present, 'The Tigger Movie'. I'd given her '101 Dalmations' on thursday and my plan is to use these two new films to keep her under some semlence of control. I know its pathetic but I'm not used to looking after Freja when Mette is not around. usually she takes Freja with her when she goes visiting her friends. Alas for the Snoos, Magne's birth means he gets to stay with Mama and Dada gets to deal with the human dynamo. Another small problem was 'The Tigger Movie' is quiet melancholy with poor Tigger searching for his none existant family in a winter landscape for most of the film. Not what I'd expected at all. The Snoos was quite saddened by it.

Don't get me wrong. I love my daughter, but she is very hard to keep up with. She has about three times as much surplus energy as I do. Thankfully her bed time is at 8pm so I can relax as soon as the Disney hour is finished.

Tomorrow I think we shall go to the playground, unless the rain is torrential all day long ...should be fun.

Edited to add; the photoshopped sky as the sun went down;


Cyan said...

That rash does look tender. I hope the new meds help.

Despite the rain, Aarhus is beautiful and charming.

moif said...

The meds haven't rteally helped much. Its not as red as it was, but its not gone away. We have a new time with the doctor.

Aarhus is very beautiful, but its also burdened by chronic graffiti. There are a lot of would-be-street-smart types running about making a mess of everything and as I get older I find my tolerance for it has all but diminished. When I was young graffiti was something which happened within a subtle social context, but now its just splashed and sprayed all over the place, regardless of style, topic or geography.

Palle "Nybyggeren" said...

Never bothered me either when I was a kid. Remember how one would notice it and not care cause fun was more important.

Iceland was worse, 8- 12 degrees, hard wind, rain...

I wish I still had that ability to ignore cold ;-)