Sunday, June 21, 2009

Freja; Sommerfest

Das Übersnoos

Heres for all you long distance Snoos fans, in London, Aalborg, Sweden and where ever.

Friday was the big summer party at Freja's kindergarten so we all braved the torrential downpurs to stand about like lemons whilst the kids had a great time. We're been very lucky in securing Freja a place in a kindergarten out on the edge of Moesgaard forest. This has meant Freja gets a lot of exersize and is not afraid of dirt (quite the opposite in fact). The staff at the kindergarten had put on an ambitious event, with lots of activities, but I declined the option of participation in a 'parents run'. Just cycling there and back was exersize enough for me.

Learning the art of the frisbee

Freja had the time of her life (as usual) and acted rather naughtily, refusing to do so as she was told and generally fraying her parents patience to the breaking point. Magne was the real problem however for he wasn't feeling well and soon became so hot and sweaty we feared he was developing a fever. He had a half hour screaming bout before Mette took the bus home, but seems to have gotten better since.

Spot the Snoos...

I took a few snap shots with my new cell phone, a Sony Ericsson w595 'walkman', with which I am ridiculously happy as it plays music better than my antediluvian Cd player, doesn't require batteries, a holding pouch or several extra cd's. Yes, moif finally caught up with the digital music age.

The fella's

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