Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Suffolk Tank

Here are a few pictures of my recently finished, fictious tank; the 'Suffolk'.

Painted in African camouflage, the Suffolk is meant to be a secret American tank, designed and built as part of a classified weapons programme in the early 1920s but then due to neferious political machinations, later sold off as surplus to an African rebellion in 1937. The idea is that after WW1 the Americans were worried about the possibility of a conflict with Britain and given the large Canadian border, and Britain's superiority in armoured fighting vehicles at the time, various rich and politically powerful Americans initiated a secret tank building conspiracy. From this came the Suffolk assault tank, the Thunderbolt infantry support tank (as yet still under construction) and the aforementioned Ford Liberty tankette. At the time the Rocketman games take place, these tanks have all become usefully obsolete and through some convenient military industrial connivance, available for sale to a budding African nation which is rapidly taking over the Belgian Congo and seeks to liberate/annex French Equatorial Africa. The big idea is the possibility of games pittiing my French tanks against these American-Africans.

Armed with a hull mounted 75mm gun, the Suffolk is an assaut tank designed to lend support to the 'Thunderbolt' infantry support tanks. For protection to the flanks, the Suffolk also has two side mounted .30 machine guns.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice work!

moif said...

Thanks Steve