Friday, January 09, 2015

Ford-Liberty M1920A1

...and I'm back!

I haven't had anything worth posting about for a good long while since I've been pretty down in the dumps for the most part of 2014, and working too. Over Christmas however, I got down to some modelling and amongst other things, built myself a fictional tankette. I call it the Ford-Liberty M1920A1 and its meant to be secret American evolution of the Ford 3 ton tank for future Rocketman games. The last two images show the tank finished, next to my previous model, the 'Suffolk tank'.




Paul Robinson said...

If you want similar inspiration then I suggest reading Robert Controys excellent "1920 Americas Great War". A fictionalised account of what may have happened if the French had lost the Battle of the Marne in 1914, which Conroy believes to have been a pivotal moment in the war. Really good story, well written and with plenty of scenario material.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Welcome back, Moif.. Happy New Year to you... Lovely model - will you have another go at moulding this one, or is it a one off??

moif said...

Hello chaps and 'appy new year to you two as well! :)

Thanks Paul - I'll look for it on Amazon

Steve - No casting for this model. I've put aside casting for now since most of the time I'm doing graphic art/ comics stuff (I'll post some examples soon). I would like to build some more of these, and possibly do a mini tank destroyer variant with a 20mm autocannon, like the Poles did with their TKS tankettes