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RM12.1 The Return of the Black Guards

The last RM game was played on 29th August. 2012. The next will be played on 22 February. 2014.


Guhan Lo. Aksai Chin. 1937.

Viktor Korsakov  sits on the rear veranda of a small chinese compound, facing across a broad valley. Far below this vantage point, peasants work in the rice paddies and sipping tea he watches the distant figures with pondering eyes. It has been almost a year since his defeat at Qala I Zal and during his recovery he has had plenty of time to dream up plans of revenge against the english agent known as Rocketman. In the valley below, a line of dust marks the approach of a motor car. Korsakov reaches across for the binoculars which stand beside his tea pot and his sumise proves correct; the automobile belongs to his subordinate Yuri Mosolov. Korsakov sighs heavily and laying aside the binoculars, he turns his eyes to the sky line on the far side of the valley. Yuri will want commands, he will expect vigour and action – but Korsakov feels his age now and the wounds he received at Qala I Zal trouble him still. He wonders what he can do.
Fifteen minutes later, as Yuri’s vehicle comes to a halt amid a cloud of dust, Korsakov has made up his mind. He struggles to his feet as his subordinate approaches and salutes briskly. Yuri salutes in return. He is carrying a briefcase.
”How do you feel sir?” he asks as he snaps open the locks.
”Today I feel much better Yuri” Korsakov smiles and Yuri glances up in surprise.
”I am happy to hear that” He begins, but Korsakov holds up a hand and interupts.
”I have come to a decision about my life Yuri, and perhaps you may not be so happy when you hear what I have to say.” Yuri frowns, but remains silent. Thoughts begin to flash through his mind.
”I am never going back to Russia. I know that now” Korsakov’s eyes move from Yuri’s and gaze without focus across the valley. ”I am too broken. Too old and indifferent with the affairs of state.”
Yuri swallows and leans forward but he finds he has too many questions and not enough words. It is as if he suddenly has no voice.
”But what of the men?” he finally manages to ask. ”What of our plans?”
”I do not know” Korsakov replies. ”What do you wish to do Yuri? Do you want to carry on? Will you take my place? They are more your men now than mine – I hardly know any of them any more”.
Yuri nods for this is the simple truth - Throughout the last year, as the Black Guards have fought along side their allies in Aksai Chin, he has shouldered all the burdens of command. Whilst Korsakov has largely rested in this peaceful retreat, he has continued the fight against the British imperialists. It is not really a question of whether or not he should take command, in essence he is already the commander of the Black Guards. He stands up and straightens his uniform coat.
”Very well then Viktor Alexandrovich. I relieve you of command and I will continue the fight.” Korsakov smiles.
”What will you do now Yuri?”
Yuri looks down at his former superior for a moment. His thoughts are whirling fast and furious, but he is certain of one thing. ONB7 must regain its former technological advantage if it is to have any hope of competing with the current Soviet government.
”I will return to Kazakhstan.”
”Why?” Korsakov asks. ”What is left in Kazakhstan?”
”Colonel Gromov and his men were very thorough when they looted the aerodrome at Bolshenarymskoe, and the British agent Mansfield made sure the death ray was completely destroyed so that the Soviets could not get their hands on it, but neither of them knew about the prototype, nor did they know about the secret storage facility at Tromsk. We still have one hundred and twelve heavy tanks stored there.”
”But no crews – no trained men” Korsakov points out.
”This is true – but I have enough men to take a squadron or two of tanks and secure Bolshenarymskoe long enough to recover the Tesla weapon. Once we have the weapon, we can remove it to one of the secure installations we still have in Krasnoyarsk.”
”You will need some one who can understand it – some one like Khalnikov – without such a man, it is of no more use than a type writer.” Yuri nods again.
”There is a man – a German called Heisenberg who took the Nobel prize in ’32. My sources inform me he is one of the few men who understands the scientific principles behind the death ray. Once we have secured the weapon, we will procure this man and set him to work upon a replacement.”
The two men consider this plan for a moment, then Korsakov sighs and picks up his tea cup. ”It is a good plan I think – as long as you can secure Bolshenarymskoe long enough to retrieve the prototype weapon. Good luck Yuri. You will need it I think.”
Yuri Mosolov turns to leave, then pauses. ”I will need a good title - to inspire the men. ’Director’ sounds much too limited. What do you suggest?”
Korsakov thinks for a moment then suggests; ”Da Yuan Shuai?”
”What is that?”
”It is the Chinese, for what the Italians call a Generalissimo – a Supreme General”.


The Kremlin. Moscow.

The creature known to the humans as Stalin sits at a large wide desk, reading a report from it’s subordinate Yezhov; the head of the NKVD. Having digested the unpleasant information offered, it picks up the receiver of a dull blue telephone upon its desk. ”Kapustin” it says and then ends the call.
Fifteen minutes later, a second creature, as pale and ominous as Stalin enters the office. It does not speak, but merely stands facing the desk and its denizen.
”Yezhov has detected a threat. For some time now, Victor Korsakov has had spies probing our scientific assets, searching amongst them for specialists and it seems probable he wishes to rebuild the energy weapon he lost in 1936.  Korsakov’s field commander Yuri Mosolov has now been detected approaching the site of the original weapon with a force of heavy tanks. Take some of our soldiers, go there at once and annhilate them.”

Player one - Jan
Major Kapustin / T35 heavy tank
Kht-26 flamethrower tank.
T-28 light tank.
6 x Aglatean Guards with rifles. 2 x Agaltean Guards with SMGs. 2 x Aglatean Guards with LMGs. 

Player two - Andreas
Sgt Moloksi /T28 Medium tank
1 x T28 Medium tank.
10 x Soviet infantry with rifles (one grenade each). 1 x Soviet infantry with LMG

Player three - Palle
Yuri Mosolov/ K4d command tank.
1 x K4 heavy tank.
1 x K1 light tank.
10 x Black Guard infantry with rifles (one grenade each). 1 x Black Guard infantry HMG

Player four - Goeg
Lt Kopylov /K4 heavy tank
1 x K4 heavy tank.
1 x RK16 Motor tachanka.
10 x Black Guard infantry with rifles (one grenade each). 1 x Black Guard Infantry LMG

Having flown to Khazakstan, Kapustin and his personal retainers rendezvous with local Soviet forces and move to Bolshenarymskoe aerodrome with all possible haste. Arriving at the adjoining industrial complex they find the Black Guards already in the vicinity and aerial reconnaisance notes a command group moving rapidly towards a cluster of semi ruined buildings. Kapustin boards his personal tank and sets off to intercept them. Both sides arrive simultaneously.

Both sides begin by placing their infantry elements on table, within 12 inches of the map edge. Cavalry elements begin off table and may come on table at their discretion (one move must be allowed for advance notice unless the element arrives behind cover)

Victory Conditions 
Whom ever controls the storage facility at the end of the game wins.
If neither side has control of the facility at the end of the game, then the side with the least casualties - percent wise, wins.

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