Monday, August 05, 2013

Trying to make a convincing engine cowling...

This model is meant to represent a tank design, reminiscent of the French Char 2C (see image below) at least in general lay out if not in size. It will have one main turret at the front, with a main gun (probably something like a QF 47mm), and a secondary MG turret to the rear to protect it against infantry attack. Like the Char 2C it has its engine between these two turrets with radiators, exhaust and access panels raised above the hull. The only problem is, I'm not particularly well versed on engine lay outs and I'm not entirely sure why the Char 2C has so much of its engine parts in this vulnerable position. I know it was so big a tank that it required two engines to make it work, so I'm guessing the lack of internal space meant they had to lump everything on top.

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