Monday, April 29, 2013

Team Bravo Two

Without Oleg, and with changing circumstances for the three of us, Palle, Goeg and I have found ourselves left with fewer opportunities for wargaming and role playing. Currently I'm running a role playing campaign which is based loosely on the idea behind Takshendal, but more along the lines of 'The X Files' with a small team of detectives investigating strange, and/or paranormal mysteries. the title, Team Bravo Two refers to this group's radio call sign. The games are designed to be short, each taking place over just a few sessions, but possibly with several mysteries following each other, much like the episodes of a television serial. I'm not as good at the scientific or technical aspects of these games as Oleg was, so I tend towards vague, technobabble explanations. I try to keep as close to scientific understanding as I can but its not easy dreaming up new, plausible explanations behind idea's which have been used and re-used in popular fiction so many times.

It is fun, but there is always the nagging thought of what we might have been doing if Oleg hadn't died. So much has changed now, not least since we're moving on the 18th May. I'm fast approaching an event horizon in my life and I can't see what lies beyond it.

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