Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day Sixteen

This is an update following the previous post regarding my balls.

The day after I saw 'Oblivion', I began to feel an increase in pain in my right testicle. Within twenty four hours I was in the hospital and my testicle had swollen to three times its normal size. The pain was unbelievable and stretched all the way up my body to my right hip bone and lower right side ribs. Walking became extremely difficult and as if this wasn't bad enough I blacked out whilst on the toilet. Luckily I managed to hold myself upright until the nurses came to my rescue.

I haven't fainted since I was a young man and the experience was both strange and disturbing. I had no idea what was happening at first, whether I was dying or just passing out from low blood pressure. At first I felt hot and uncomfortable, then came a wave of nausea. I pulled the emergency cord at this point as it was obvious something untoward was happening. I got up to unlock the toilet door and sure enough a nurse came running. She grabbed my arm and held me upright but at this point my vision was failing and my voice had become incomprehensible. I was still partially aware of my surroundings. I could hear the nurse shouting for help but my vision was a mass of inky black spots. I don't remember how I got to a bed so I think I must have passed out after this, though the nurse told me I'd walked.

After I got home, the fever began. Today is the third day and I'm currently in a hot and sweaty stage. I don't mind fever. It can even be a bit fun when the light headedness makes you dizzy, but I'd prefer to get this all over with. The doctor at the hospital told me to expect at least fourteen days of anti-biotic recuperation. So far there is no decrease in the size of my right testicle, but at least the pain medication is working so it doesn't hurt except in the early morning before my first does of the day.

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