Sunday, March 24, 2013

Looking at 20mm

After a break of several weeks, we're gradually building up to resuming regular gaming, and though it will never really be the same without Oleg, hopefully we can make some decent games and have some fun. I'll be running a short RPG campaign in the meantime, but Palle is looking to run a 20mm modern campaign, set in Africa and featuring mercenaries (I'm thinking 'Wild Geese' or something similar). I like the idea of doing modern games in 20mm as it gives you the additional option of using 1/72 scale vehicles, which I think are more available than in 1/55 or 28mm.

So I've been looking at manufacturers and idely pondering whether or not to branch out to 20mm, even though I know I probably won't as I've already invested so heavily in 28mm. Still... its tempting when you see what some people have accomplished.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Peter pigs "AK47" is what you need. Very popular in the Grimsby club

Historiker-Palle said...

You cannot afford it- you have enough. You concentrate on 28 mm and I will do 20 ;-)

And I have found some excellent figures and models.