Friday, March 08, 2013

Hull Zero Three

By Greg Bear

I chose this book at random whilst shopping on Amazon, and as usual, it was the cover illustration that grabbed my attention. Simple and bold, it conveyed just enough information to get my curiosity aroused, and this is just as well, since the story was better served by an ambiguous image. I'm not all that familiar with Greg Bear though I read a couple of his books a while back ('The Forge of God' and 'Anvil of the Stars'). Neither of which I cared for at all.

'Hull Zero Three' is a nice, small story, with some interesting ideas and easy to read. The story unfolds gradually, so the reader isn't completely underwhelmed, but at no point does the plot suddenly spring any traps and the conclusion comes as a natural evolution. This would be a good book for a long train ride, or a slow rainy day perhaps.

The story is about a man who wakes up aboard a large interstellar spaceship but with no real memories as to who he is. The ship is in a serious state of disrepair and their are monsters roaming the corridors. It sounds tacky, but it turns out okay.

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