Saturday, December 08, 2012

Lost in (Cyber) Space

Time for a little update I think. I haven't updated this blog in ages, mostly because I've been too lazy, but also because nothing much of merit happened in my life in the last few weeks. Having three children (who won't stop fiddling) makes for very little free time and when I do have a few hours of an evening, I'm either falling asleep, or zoning out playing Battlefield 3.

We still do our weekly gaming sessions however, and I'm currently running the fourth Takshendal role playing campaign. Visually speaking, there isn't much to say about that though, so I haven't bothered. Write ups can be found at the campaign blog itself, if any one is interested.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of my blog-worthy life at the moment, is my ongoing tank modelling project. I recently suffered a serious set back when my first attempt at making the first mold failed due to my own stupidity. Everything went well, except that I forgot to use the release agent which would keep the two halves of the mold from welding to each other. The master model was more or less ruined (months of work down the drain) and I am obliged to build a new track assembly for my medium tank model.

In the meantime, the track assembly for the light tank is nearing completion and having learned from the mistakes of the first model, I'm hoping to carry out a second attempt at making a mold, in about a weeks time.

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