Saturday, July 14, 2012

1930's turret designs

When I can find the time (and when I'm not being distracted by Battlefield 3) I'm still working on my medium tank casting project, and I've reached the post design stage for the turret. That is to say, I've drawn up my designs and am now ready for construction. My brother Peter (who is a precision engineer) has offered to help me by shaping some aluminium for the underlying structure, so I've made technical drawings of the two designs I have in mind. The project has two different hulls and two different turrets, and these can interchanged with each other, giving the possibility of three seperate tank models. The track assembly is the same for all variants.

Tank turrets in the 1930's came in all shapes and sizes. Since there hadn't been any major tank conflicts to influence design, many ideas which seemed good in theory were tried out. The most popular designs were cylindrical for obvious reasons, and hundreds of variants of the tapering cylinder or dome turret design were made. I've looked mainly to the Vickers designs for inspiration, since they produced so many prototypes in the mid war period.


Above. From left to right; Light Tank Model 1936. Light amphibious tank A4 E12. Vickers Wolseley WT
Below; Vickers 6 ton light tank. A6 Medium Tank (not to be confused with the Medium Mk III). Vickers 'Independent' A1E1.

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