Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dwarven Half-tracks

Having completed all my responsible projects (for now); I'm getting back to completing three scratch built, diesel-punk half-tracks which have stood waiting for too long. The models are inspired by Oleg's Sheev'dra role playing campaign, and can be used in possible skirmish games, though the primary reason for their construction was the simple pleasure of building something unusual.The above image shows various parts for the first two models, which are based around a pair of surplus Company B Ford scout cars which I bought a fair number of years ago, but never built once I'd seen how small they were. The trailer behind the gun tractor is meant to be a steam powered automatic mortar but I haven't yet decided what kind of gun the tractor should be pulling. At the moment, I'm torn between a bio-diesel powered howitzer, or a nebelwerfer style multiple-tube rocket-launcher. 

Recon half-track with entirely scratch built tracks and suspension and an enlarged cab for a single driver. Its hard to see, but this model, as shown has over 120 parts. The camo is based on contemporary Swedish vehicles. The colours are a bit strange due to the crap lighting conditions, and the model has yet to be weathered. The figures are Grymm by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Gun tractor. Similar to the recon half-track, but with an even bigger cab and a much bulkier under-carriage. The idea here is two vehicles built by the same group of dwarves, thus sharing some characteristics but being essentially two very different vehicles. The tracks on the gun tractor were bought from Ramshackle Games. I messed about with the image colours because the model was badly lit. I'm still working on the forward wheels and there will be a winch mounted at the front also. I think I'll paint this one in a more a utalitarian grey blue camo scheme.

This model represents a much bigger half-track than anything built in the real world. The idea here is for a double decker IFV with lots of gun ports and armour plating. The shape of the vehicle is based on a 1920's British design by Burford, and it is more or less scratch built. The turret came from Ramshackle Games but I haven't yet decided if it will stay. I may make a turret of my own design, or not. I probably won't. The body is made of a 2mm cardboard inner structure, clad in acrylic and pvc sheets. The tracks are cannibalised from a 1/35 Soviet T-26 tank.


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