Thursday, May 17, 2012


Part one of this game was played on Wednesday16 May. 2012.
Players were Jan, Oleg, Palle and Goeg.

 The game begins. 

The game began with Oleg bringing his elements on from the eastern end of the table. Marcel Pélardon was on foot on the park side of the road and the rest were in a van which they drove around the back of Doctor Schlumberger’s institute where Jean Paul Chevrotin and Wanda Jolivet quickly moved to examine the rear of the building where they found all the lights in the building were on and the glass in the windows was thicker than usual. They moved to the rear door which Chevrotin easily picked open.

Chevrotin and Jolivet breaking in through the back door.

 On the street, Pélardon approached a vendor on the pretence of loitering to buy a news paper but he was surprised to find himself engaged in conversation by a passer-by. Pierre Boulez and Henri Gallois-Montbrun also left the van and moved to the front of the building where Gallois-Montbrun posed as a telegraph messenger to gain entrance to Schlumberger’s institute. He was stopped by the door man who then went to find Doctor Schlumberger.

Chevrotin and Jolivet gained entrance to the house and began to loiter in the rear passageway. Making her way to the WC, Audrey Mansfield encountered Jolivet but did not find her suspicious. Chevrotin went upstairs to scout around and noticed several other guests standing around talking and listening to grammaphone records. No one paid any attention to him, nor noticed that Chevrotin had a submachine gun under his coat.

The Truck Crash.

Meanwhile, out on the street, Pélardon ran across the road to Boulez but in doing so, he caused a truck to swerve and crash into the rear of  parked car. The truck driver (a Pole) jumped out and began to argue with Pélardon. This alerted the neighbouring police officers and a constable stepped out to investigate.
People began to gather to see what was going on and eventually a second police officer emerged from the building.

People gather at the scene of the truck crash.
Pélardon is to the left of the police officer, with Boulez lurking at the corner of the building.
Doctor Schlumberger told his door-man to sign for the telegram and bring it to him, but when the door-man returned, Gallois-Montbrun refused to hand over the telegram unless it was personally signed for by Schlumberger so the door-man returned to the Doctor's office where Schlumberger was proudly showing his fire-arms collection to Daniel Mansfield and Marcel Messnier and Schlumberger was obliged to go to the door. Irritated he did so and signed for the telegram.

Chevrotin came down the stairs again and producing his sub machine gun stood in the doorway to the main room where the mask was on display. In a calm but determined voice, he told every one to get up against the door to the office, but due to the music and noise of conversation, no one heard him, except Daniel Mansfield, who was standing in the office. Unfortunately, Mansfield does not speak French and although he understood the tone of voice , he didn't know what was being said.

Doctor Schlumberger was standing in directly behind Chevrotin however and he did understand so he turned and grabbed the sub machne gun and the two men began to tussle for control of the weapon. Seeing this, Gallois-Montbrun put his revolver to Doctor Schlumberger's head, but in turn, he was attacked by Anna Parrot who swung her hand bag at his head. At the same time Gabriel Messnier (who had also over heard Chevrotin) jumped over the bannister in an attempt at attacking Gallois-Montbrun from above. He fumbled his attack however and twisting his ankle, collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Daniel Mansfield moved to the rear passage to investigate what was going on in the foyer but found his way blocked by the door-man who after a moment of indecision, was vainly attempting to assist his master.

Pierre Boulez was still loitering in the street, smoking a cigarette and watching the argument heat up around the crashed truck. Realising something untoward was taking place in the foyer he peered through the window and saw the ensuing struggle. Pulling out his pistol, he shot one of the investigating police officers in the back...

The game stopped at this point as it was 2300. The rest of the game is planned for next wednesday.

The situation inside the Institute at the end of the game.
The red counter is the door-man.


Tervlon said...

Shooting a cop in the back? That ain't right! :)

Grimsby Mariner said...

Great looking game and report as always

moif said...

More gangster capers to follow shortly!