Monday, May 28, 2012

RM8.1 part 2

Part two of this game was played on Wednesday 23 May. 2012.

Players were Jan, Oleg, Palle and Goeg.

The table top in the first round. Daniel Mansfield knocks out Jean Paul Chevrotin

The game resumed exactly where it had left off, in the immediate aftermath of Pierre Boulez having shot a police officer in the back. Panic, shouts and screams followed and Pierre Boulez began to run away from the scene of the shooting. The second police officer, who had been on the far side of the crashed truck, had not seen who shot, so when he came around the back of the crashed vehicle, he was confronted with no obvious culprit, except the nearest man running away. His suspicions were compounded when Peladon took the chance to distract the police officer, pointed to Boulez and shouted "It was him!"

"Stop or I shoot!" the second police officer draws his revolver on Boulez.

The police officer drew his service revolver and shouted at Boulez to stand still or he would shoot...

Inside the institute Daniel Mansfield chased Jean Paul Chevrotin to the top of the stairs and gave him such an uppercut that he knocked the Frenchie out cold and took his Thompson sub machinegun. 

Aruba drives his van over the second police officer

Unfortunately for the police officer, Aruba was sitting on the van in the dark alley, and realising what was happening, he drove the van at the police officer, ran him over and crashed in a taxi which had stopped behind the crashed truck. Steam began to pour from the smashed van's radiator.

Die rolls indicated the reactions of the passersby and most conformed to the French stereotype by fleeing, but one man was brave enough to leap forward and tackle Andre ’Mule’ Valençay.

Wanda pulls her warm little pistol from its hiding place in between her thighs

In the main room of the institutue Wanda Jolivet pulled out her pistol and ordered every one to get away from the mask. At first people complied but Daniel Mansfield entered the room and disarmed her.

Meanwhile, in the institute hallway, a free for all had erupted which saw Anna Parrot and Theophilus Dupuis come to Doctor Schlumberger's aid, only to be beaten to the ground by Gallois-Montbrun and Valençay, who were then in turn defeated by Daniel Mansfiel.

 Rocketman cleans up

With people running around shouting and screaming, Marcel pulled out his rifle and took a shot at one man who was running past his car. This additional gun shot caused even more pandamonium but didn't have any greater impact on the game. The man being shot at, barely registered the fact and just kept running.

Two more police officers, armed with sub-machineguns, emerged from the police station, and tried to grab Boulez, but the quick footed criminal dodged the flat footed coppers and ran back down the alley. The policemen didn't give chase, for standing in the street they beheld the full scene of chaos and noted one of their own downed companions (the other being obscured by the van which was on top of him).

Aruba jumped out of the crashed van and paused by the truck. A woman who had been on the pavement, shouted that she had seen Aruba crash the van into the police officer and the taxi driver eyed the African suspiciously. Aruba climbed into the truck cab and tried to start it, but the truck was firmly wedged between two other vehicles. The two police officers caught sight of Aruba.

Aruba tries to hide in the truck cab

Boulez entered the rear door of the institute, but it was already too late to help the others. Grabbing a pretty young lady hostage to prevent any one from trying to stop him, he made his get away.

The game ended as a defeat for players one and two.



"This is the last party I shall attend at your insttute!" Professor Foing shouts at Doctor Schlumberger as he helps Anna Parrot to her feet. "What kind of circus are you running here?"
People help each other to their feet and revitalizing wine is passed to those in dire need of recuperation. Outside the police are busy arresting every one in the street and an ambulance has arrived to assist the wounded police officers.
"Who on Earth were those people?" Audrey asks.
"Where's the mask?" Doctor Schlumberger gasps in surprise as he staggers back into the front room.
Every one stares at the broken glass of the display case and then Daniel Mansfield clutches Schlumberegers arm.
"And where is Percy?"
Consternation breaks out as every one searches high and low for the young man, but there is no sign of either him nor the mask.
"Do you think he did a runner?" Marcel Messnier asks Daniel as they search the institute roof top.
"No" Daniel replies tersely. Those hoodlums were after the mask, and I think they took Percy too!"
Gabriel Messnier enters onto the roof top.
"How is your ankle?" Daniel asks.
"Eager for revenge" the young Corsican replies. "Listen. I have a good idea who might be behind this but I have to check with some people I know. Shall I ask?"
Daniel exchanges a smile with Marcel.
"Oh yes. Certainly. And you shall have your chance to pay these blighters back I promise you."
Marcel nods and Gabriel leaves with a grim smile of eager satisfaction on his handsome Corsican face.

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