Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins

I usually wouldn't have read this, but that it was recommended, and then lent to me (along with two sequels which I have yet to read). I have grown wary of popular books because as I age I find myself moving ever further from the zeitgeist (and I suspect I shall not return to it in this life).

The story started slowly though perhaps this was because I'd already been told what was going to happen, but then picked up in pace once the actual game had begun. The second half was quite enjoyable, but rather predictable and I didn't really empathise with the protagonist, nor her companion whose emotional attachment, I felt was a worthless drag to the story. No doubt it was required in order to satisfy the young adults at whom the book is aimed. It did nothing for me. I was hoiping he'd die.

On the whole, the story was readable, though it did remind me a lot of 'The Running Man', both in scale and ambition. 

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