Saturday, April 14, 2012

Artist of the Month; Juan Giménez

Another of my all time favourite artists is the Argentinian comic book artist; Juan Giménez. Giménez created several fantastic adventure comics which were featured in Heavy Metal, most of which inspired me to no end, including 'Leo Roa', 'The Women of the Fourth Quarter' and 'The Metabarons' collaboration with Alejandro Jodorowsky which built upon the earlier work 'The Incal' by Jodorowsky and the late Jean Luc Moebius.

Of all those 70's and 80's era Heavy Metal-graphic novelists, Giménez is probably my personal favourite, over shadowed only in technical ability by Serpieri, though when it comes to drawing machines and tech, Serpieri has nothing on Giménez. Giménez has the rare ability of taking something mechanical and expanding upon it to make it look, bigger, better and far more realistic. Where most artists might add feed pipes, power cables and data lines in abundance, Giménez does it in a way that suggests practicality whilst retaining the punk romance of artist licence.

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