Saturday, March 03, 2012

Playing favourites too

Copying some of the other wargamer bloggers I like to read;

Period; There are so many interesting periods but the period from the Victorian/late nineteenth century, up to 1939 holds the greatest fascination for me. The combination of ignorance, developing technology and unchecked imagination means I can find more drama, humour, tragedy and absurdity in this period than any time else.

Scale; 28mm (1/55).

Rules; Oleg Zacharov's home made adaptations of the DBA system. They are simple enough for me to use them without breaking into a math sweat and realistic enough to allow plenty of subtlty into the games.

Manufacturer; Copplestone Castings.

Boardgame; I don't get to play board games any more but I was always fond of Monopoly.

Club; I've never been a member of a war gaming club.

Inspiration; 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.

Book; HG Wells. 'War of the Worlds'.

Art; For the purpose of creating Rocketman games? ...possibly Jack Vettriano

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Palle "Nybyggeren" said...

Period; Hard one, I am a historian FGS. Viking-Early Middle Ages, Republican Rome, WWII, Iron Age...

Scale; 28mm (1/55).

Rules; Oleg Zacharov's home made adaptations of the DBA system and Rolemaster.

Manufacturer; ICE or Australian Design Group.

Boardgame; World in Flames, ASL or The Longest Day ties for a First.

Club; FROB has hosted some WiF-Gaming with some of their members.

Inspiration; HBO: "Rome". MERP, Baldur's Gate.

Book(s); Colleen McCullogh: "Masters of Rome", Icelandic Sagas, Tacitvs "Annals" & "Germania", Saxo "Gestae Danorum".

Art; Rammstein, Luis Royo, Elena Dudina, there is a third paiter whose name I forgot, but whose style I like- and yes, it icludes beautiful women. I like beautiful women.