Sunday, December 18, 2011

Artist of the Month; Jenny Saville

There aren't many contemporary artists who can hold a candle to the late Lucien Freud, but there is one who can even outshine him. Jenny Saville is often described as a feminist artist, but to me thats a political, pedestrian label, and her true genius should be described as being a figurative artist, for it is her fantastic figurative work that attracts attention. The first paintings I saw by Saville were the two in this post, and both of them went straight to the core of my aesthetic ideals. The first, is both erotic and disturbing, for the painting seemingly depicts a dead girl, but with such vivid intesity that she looks alive enough to kiss. This painting alone puts her streets ahead of most other artists in her generation, and is even better than anything I've seen from Freud.

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