Monday, November 07, 2011

Cars and cultists

I finished the cultists a few weeks ago, and they've already seen some action as bad guys in Rocketman 7.1. where they were annhilated. RM7.2 was pushed back a week or so due to illness taking down most of the moif clan, but the cultists are due to reappear then, and next time they will be armed to the teeth! Its going to be interesting to see if Rocketman and his chums can survive the onslaught!

Most of my last few weeks have involved coughing and blowing my nose, but in between these, I have painted up a few model cars for Rocketman. The lack of any decent vehicles has always been an annoyance when I've planned games in the past and I decided it was about time to do some serious e-bay trawling and here are some of the results. I already had one or two toy cars left over from my parents collection (most of which disapeared into the chidrens toy boxes) but these were mostly Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear', which my mother collected and not really in scale for 28mm gaming. I've bought some of these before, namely the Crossley trucks which have appeared in previous games, but these have been limited and I've never had any ordinary cars which might lend a certain credibility to a game set in the 1930's. Only trucks, armoured cars and tanks.

This is a Ford Model T, from Lledo's 'Days gone by' range. It is available in a wide range of novelty vans and fuel tankers which suit 28mm scale quite well (see below), but it is more difficult to find as a car, which better suits my purposes. It has a nice 'gangster quality' and I can just see a wise guy standing on the running board with a Thompsen in his hand. It cost next to nothing, less than £5 including P&P.

Another Ford, this time a Model A, and also from Lledo's 'Days Gone By' range.

These two are some kind of Rolls Royces from from Lledo's 'Days gone by' range, but I don't know which kind. As far as I am concerned, they do fine as the type of grandiose automobile a flash civilian or gangster boss might own. Like all the other Lledo cars, they were dirt cheap.

This one is a Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear'; Bugatti, and I've seen these set for sale on e-bay for as much as £125 (presumably in mint condition). I haven't seen any one bid that much though, and I've also seen them set for as little as £0.99. As a 28mm scale model of a Bugatti, its a tad on the large side, as Bugattis were quite small, but as a generic red racing car, its perfect. I intend to use it as the car of Conte il Vulcano, when it will make its appearance in an upcoming Rocketman game.

I bought this one by accident, as I thought from the dark photograph and vague description that it was a Lledo Ford Model T. It was only when I opened the box that I realised that it was a '1933 Austin taxi'. I immediately went to e-bay and searched for other variants of this model but alas taxis in a variety of colours were all I found. It was cheap too. Like all the others, it was less than £5 including P&P.

This is an Oxford Diecast 'original' and as far as I can make out, its not meant to be any specific marque of autommobile. My Mother had three of them, and they are cheap quality, but make for decent enough commercial vehicles in 28mm though I prefer the Lledo Model A ford van.

My father had a couple of diecast traction engine models, and the others, which are slightly bigger are definately Corgi, in 1/50 scale, but I'm not sure what this one is. As far as I can make out its just a generic traction engine.


Unknown said...

Hi there, the Traction Engine is Garrett 4CD Road Tractor, manufactured in Leiston Suffolk, in about 1918. Used in great numbers towards the end of the Great War. You've done a lovely job weathering it up, but i have to say its a little on the large side, as this is a smaller traction engine than most. Elijah

moif said...

Thank you Elijah. I only just noticed your comment as my e-mail has been down for a few weeks whist I set up a new computer.

I shall have to pretend the engine is a generic engine so it fits in scale.