Sunday, October 09, 2011

Current projects and recent acquisitions

Already nine days into october and I'm too busy painting and building models to blog about it. I recently made my largest ever purchase of models and miniatures, and the arrival of these coinciding with my preperations for Rocketman 7 (and Oleg's Sheev'dra campaign) have kept me very busy during the few hours left to me once my children have been oiled, polished and powered down for the night.

In the foreground, two triple-turretted T-28's from AGN. In front of them is the triple-turretted Vickers Mk III by Copplestone Casting for size comparison. These models will probably be used in RM11 games, possibly as Russian or Chinese.

Also from AGN; I bought three Char 1b's for which I have no current plans, but which I have longed to buy for years as the Char 1b is a quintessetial inter-war tank and a real gem of the multiple weapon system tank designs of the 1930's. They might have been out classed by German tactics in WW2 but I'm sure they'll prove devastating in Rocketman! All I need now is a scenario which features French tanks. In the foreground is a Vickers Mk II from Copplestone Casting for size comparison.

Lanchester heavy armoured car from Copplestone Casting. I like the design of this, and I may use it as a Chinese vehicle, but I have no immediate plans for this model. I bought it because I have two Rolls Royce armoured cars and this seems to complement them well.

This model is a converted 'steam tank' from Ironclad miniatures. I intend to use it as an 'African heavy tank' for RM8, so I left off the boiler which came with the model and replaced it with a trench crossing plate a la the FT-17 seen in the back ground.

I bought a lot of figures too, but I bought these cultists from Artizan Designs last year. These are for RM7 and I hope to be able to field them in the first game in two weeks time. Like most Artizan figures, they are of ambiguous quality and of the nine I bought, only seven are being painted as the two sub-machinegunners had no weapons to speak of. Missing or damaged weapons is, I find a common problem with Artizan figures and the reason seems to be because the weapons are too small for the casting process. Its annoying as the company ought to do a quality control before they send the figures. This isn't the first time I've had miniatures from Artizan which were essentially useless due to missing parts and 'casting bubbles'.

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Grimsby Mariner said...

Artizan - complain. You bought the figures and expect them to come as advertised. At the very least a strongly worded email may generate a response.
Tanks - quite a fleet there. Interwar designs are great aren't they? So many quirks. Almost like - right what else can we put on it?