Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Artist of the Month; Michael Kaluta

Its time to indulge myself in another great favourite I think; Michael Kaluta is an American illustrator and comic book author. Ever since I first started taking an interest in illustration, Kaluta was one of my primary sources of inspiration. His style, which is often convoluted and over flowing with detail, is one of those which stands out, especially from the modern, digital generation, and often has more than a hint of Alphonse Mucha about it (which is usually not a good thing, but in this case, it is). As often as not, its almost impossible to see what your looking at when you first look at one of Kaluta's illustrations, which is also something I've always admired. Many times I've looked at one of his illustrations for the twentieth time only to realise there were things happening that I hadn't noticed before.

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