Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Norman keep update 3

Another late night post squeezed in between multiple projects; the keep is still WIP but lives yet! Work is slow as applying lots of little cork bricks takes time, and I don't have that much spare time since I am bound by parental obligation to burn several hours a day entertaining the Snoos and playing 'Lego; Pirates of the Caribbean'. Not that I mind playing games with my daughter. I'm enjoying that all I can, whilst I can. She won't be six for ever.

The keep gets a few hours each evening, and slowly but surely it is taking on the appearance of a building. As you can see above, wall A has been fully clad and looks pretty good. The buttresses work more or less okay, though the central buttresses of level one are out of sync by a whole millimeter of the ground level so when the lighting is directly above, it casts some irritating shadows from the over lap. I'll rectify this later by removing the offending bricks and adjusting the buttress on the ground level.

Wall D with toilet, partially clad. There are small holes every where because sometimes the wood glue has to dry before I can add the last few bricks. Originally I was going to put two toilets on this side of the building, but I decided against this as a keep this size probably couldn't boast two toilets (even this one is fairly over sized, but this is due to the base size of my figures).

I've also begun tiling the roof and here I have run into another small dilemma. I want the model to look realistic, and the best way to do this is to add wear n tear, but the building is also supposed to look new and in use, so I can't have the raggedy roof tiles I usually resort to. Instead, I've cut nicer tiles, but added a few places where time has taken its toll. I'm hoping these will work well when the model is finally completed and painted.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Like that a lot. there must be an easier way of cladding the walls then by becoming miniature brick layer or is a labour of love?
And as for the snoos - you're right. In a few years you won't exist in her world.

moif said...

Oh its a labour of love alright! =)

Ugin the Gnome said...

In my book (the dogeared tome in the dark corner, with eccentric spelling), time with children is never wasted, but computer games devour your brains / time / energy.

The keep is wonderful, though.
Having said that, a purist would assemble the cork bricks without the cardboard chassis.
Don't mention minecraft...