Thursday, June 16, 2011

Liberty Belle crash

All things must pass eventually, but its always a shame to see a beautiful, and as irreplacable aircraft like a B17, crash and burn. Thankfully no one was killed.


brando said...

Back in 94 I was lucky enough to get to go inside one of those. I was amazed at how small everything was. In the movies everyone's running around like it's a huge playground, but in real life it's tiny and cramped, and the whole machine is closer to the size of a modern fighter.

moif said...

I realised that when my brothers and I built 1/72 aircraft models. I had a B17 and when I saw it next to a F4 Phantom I realised just how big the Phantom actually was.

The thing is though, if you placed the B17 alongside an Se5 or a Spad, then you saw just how tiny those older aircraft were.